Types Of Acne: What Type Do You Have

You might have visited your dermatologist for the reasons of getting an acne scar treatment Singapore. Generally, you should keep in mind that acne comes as a result of various aspects. The acne will vary in terms of the sex, age, skin type and ethnicity as well. Mostly, they will range from one to two nodules on the chin of an adult woman. This might be as a result of the menstrual cycle. For the men, it can be the development of blackheads on the nose. For the teens, it will be a collection of red bumps on the face and pustules that attempt to break out on the back and chest of an athlete. Basically, the acne will develop in different ways. All this is because there are various types of acne. Here is a look at the common types of acne;

1. Non-inflammatory acne

This is the type of acne that will develop as whiteheads and blackheads. Here, a plug that is made up of sebum, a sticky oil, and dead skin cells, will be seen inside a pore that doesn’t cause redness.

• The blackheads
In case the plug widens and gets bigger, it will be called a blackhead or an open comedone. These blackheads will be caused by dirt that is trapped. When there is a buildup of oxidized oil and melanin, a dark pigment of the skin, the black or gray color will be formed.

• Whiteheads
This is formed when a thin covering of the skin blocks the plug under the pore of the surface of the pore. This will prevent the oil from oxidizing and for that, it will keep it white. That will prevent it from having a dark color. It is called the whitehead or a closed comedone.

2. Inflammatory acne

These are the pimples that may hurt. They will develop when the immune system reacts to the bacteria and the oil that is trapped inside the hair follicle. The inflammatory degree of this type of acne will be based on the redness, the size, the scar’s potential and the tenderness. They will include the following:

• Papules

These are small to medium-sized red or pink bumps that are the shape of a dome. They will usually feel tender.

• Pustules

These ones are lesions that contain a white or yellow center with a red base. They will form when a plug traps bacteria and oil inside the pore. This will attract the white blood cells to fight the bacteria.

• Cysts and nodules

The cysts are structured like sacks, which are filled with liquid material that have white or red blood cells, bacteria, and oil. The nodules are large bumps that are solid and usually painful. They extend to the skin layer.

When in need of the perfect Singapore acne treatment specialist, ensure that you understand the type of your acne.

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