Our Scar Treatment Procedure

Consultation process

Our professionals in skin care demonstrate a lot of sympathy and offer comprehensive information regarding scar removal treatment during the consultation process. They have ample knowledge in this area, so you can expect to get answers on all the questions that you might have. Depending on your specific needs, they will recommend the right treatment for you. The treatments we provide are all approved by our medical expert. Regardless of your needs, you can be assured to get the best solution from us because we use the right methods, have qualified professionals and all the facilities required.

Treatment offered

When you visit our facility for the first time, our practitioner will provide crucial information on all what to expect during the procedure. In addition, the expert will help you feel comfortable before moving on with the treatment.

Our clinic provides the best treatment in the industry with Marine Boost Treatment. This is a form of treatment consisting of medical microdermabrasion/advanced peel using Marine Boost Skincare. During the procedure, your skin is prepared using Marine Boost Skincare. The complex technology applied involved deep skin exfoliation, which boosts rejuvenation of the skin. The technology helps in removing the affected superficial layers leading to a new glowing skin.

During the treatment you only feel a sharp scratching sensation. To enhance the microcirculation process, laser ultrasonic is applied. The process helps enhance the active metabolism of the skin cells. The rejuvenation of the skin occurs fast, leading to growth of new skin cells and growth of new collagen.

After the treatment process, the area may appear to have some blood spots, which might take one week to be healed. The inflammation that occurs is as a result of fibroblast collagen leading to more elastic skin. At the end of the treatment, Marine Boost Skincare is applied and it is advisable to apply it in order to have the best results. The good thing about this treatment is that it works effectively with your skin and does not affect the biological structure of the skin. With regular treatments, you will notice rapid improvement in the appearance of your skin. You need to get the treatment after two to four weeks.

Marine Boost treatment offers great results within a few treatment sessions. On average, a person requires between six to twelve treatments in order to get the desired results. However, it is also good to note that this might depend on an individual because people respond in a different way.

4 Tips When Dealing with Acne Scars

Avoid Using Random Products: There are plenty of products available in the Singaporean markets that claim to work wonders on acne scars. Unfortunately, a lot of these products not only fail to eliminate the scarring but they also come loaded with harmful chemicals. Using any random acne scar removal products can have detrimental effects on your skin and can cause a much more serious condition.

Seek Professional Help: The best way to deal with acne scar is to consult a professional. An experienced skin specialist can assess the magnitude of your problem and recommend possible solutions. We are an acne scar treatment Singapore clinic with a pool knowledge and experience in this field. Consult our experts for proper guidance.

Be Patient: In an attempt to quickly get rid of the scars a lot of people turn desperate and take drastic steps. Some people even go as far as apply bleach or a bleach-based product to lighten the darkened spot. You should remember that looking for quick and overnight solutions to eliminate scarring is never a good idea.

Don’t Experiment: The skin on your face is highly sensitive and thus should not be subjected to experimentations. Avoid trying untested home remedies and products. As mentioned before there are several proven acne scar treatment that can safely and efficiently remove the darkened spot. We at our clinic take utmost care to recommend and perform these treatments. We also go the extra length to ensure all the treatments we perform are 100% safe.

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