Laser Skin Care Treatment We Provide

When you visit our facility for skin care consultation, you meet our highly qualified and friendly skin care professionals. Our experts are very understanding and will give you beneficial information on the laser acne treatment during the consultation process. They will give you satisfactory answers to all the questions that you might have. In addition, they also advice on the best treatment according to your specific requirements and guide you on the after care process. If you decide to move on with the treatment process, our experts will book you and treatment will be offered immediately after the consultation process. We offer treatment for acne that is approved and regardless of your personal needs, you can be assured to get the assistance you need. We have highly qualified experts, facilities, products and use the right techniques for your treatment.

What to expect

When you come for treatment in our facility, our laser practitioner will provide full explanation of the entire procedure to you. He or she will make sure that you are at ease before moving on with the treatment process. We offer treatment using Marine Fluid treatment in which your skin is prepared using marine fluid skincare. This is a complicated technology that promotes rejuvenation of your skin by increasing metabolism of your skin cells. There is the use of sapphire crystal wavelength that produce broad spectrum light that get applied on your skin surface. The energy produced kills bacteria without harming the surrounding tissues. This helps destroy the acne bacteria within a very short time.

During the process you will feel pulses of hot sensations as the laser light goes over your skin. After the treatment procedure, your skin might look pinkish, red or swell instantly. However, this reduces with a day or two. The redness that occurs is as a result of effects of fibroblast collagen leading to a more elastic skin. The entire treatment process will end when marine fluid skincare is applied. It is advisable to use marine fluid skincare before and after the treatment in order to get the best results. The good thing about this form of treatment is that it works harmoniously with your skin and works effectively with your skin tissue. It is also safer compared to many other skin treatments such as strong medications and harsh chemical peels.

With regular treatment you will notice great improvements in the appearance of your skin. You should get treatment every two to four weeks. We have recognized that many people need six to twelve treatments in order to get the best results.

Understanding Laser Treatment for Acne

If you ever imagine that one day you will have a beautiful skin free from scars and acne, then it should no longer remain a dream as you can achieve it via laser treatment for acne. However, most people do not understand this special treatment that rids off acne from the face. Laser treatment is a technique used to remove acne and scars in a non-invasive way using powerful laser technology. The laser technology is able to alter the acne appearing on the face without causing harm to the skin surrounding it. When it is carried out severally, it leads to achieving a beautiful, youthful and acne free face. The laser treatment technique is usually done mostly on the face but it could be carried out on the skin of other body parts albeit carefully. Most doctors usually avoid carrying it out on the skin found in the neck, hands and chest regions as they do not heal as well as the other areas.

How does it work?

This laser treatment has become a popular treatment in most places due to its effectiveness when it comes to combating acne. This technique utilizes short pulses of laser light that is micro-fine in order to reach deeper into the sub-layers of the skin. Once the laser light heats up the affected cells, the body’s natural healing processes takes over. The damaged tissues are rebuilt by the body naturally with fresh elastin and collagen to create a new normal looking skin. The whole process is usually simple and fastas well as easily tolerable and one that does not need a lot of downtime.

Laser Processes

There are various methods of laser treatment that are often used as well as some other new ones that have been developed as they are bound to cause fewer complications and their recovery period is fast. They include;

Fractional Laser Skin Treatment

This laser treatment method treats the microscopic columns of your skin. The end result is that the areas of the skin that are treated are usually surrounded by the areas that are untreated. There is visible improvement noted and there is less scabbing and bleeding.

Infrared Laser Treatment

This treatment method targets the deeper layers of your skin with the heat from the laser and it smoothens the skin and makes it tight.

How it is done

The first step is usually to mark out an area of the skin that is to be treated using a pen after the area is carefully cleaned. An anesthetic is then used to numb this area before the commencement of the treatment. It is also possible that one can get a sedative or any other antianxiety medicine to keep you relaxed. If the entire face will be undergoing treatment, then a stronger anesthesia should be used. The laser is then passed over the areas to be treated as it sends out its pulses into the skin. After every laser pass, the skin is often wiped with either water or some saline solution to remove the damaged skin cells as well as to cool it. It is normal for the pulses to sting or burn a bit but everything is tolerable. All the above refers to the steps used in the effective process of laser treatment for acne.

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